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Trip to Thaksin University, Thailand

I have a problem with arts at that moment. Arts makes me think a lot. And I have a problem with that. Thinking, thinking, thinking. “You’ve to have an idea”, “You’ve to be able to express yourself”, “Art must have aesthetic values”, “Art must have meaning”, etc. etc. I was bombarded with all those ideas of arts, and I was totally disagreed with it.

Last week, I had the chance to attend an Art Exchange between Thai artists and American artists in Thaksin University, Thailand. During the workshop when the artists made their small piece of work, I was attracted to one of the lady’s work. It was somehow “me”. I can see parts of me in the work. I stepped closer, told her that I was struggling with painting, and I couldn’t make a nice painting, and I asked for her advice. What Madam Velda Ishizaki told me was overwhelming. “Arts don’t need to be nice.” I was so touched and she gave me a hug.

She also shared with me about her perception towards arts, and showed me how to paint. Those precious advices gave me the courage to move on. When I asked for her signature, she asked for my name and wrote “Chee Hoong, You’ll like abstract art. Work hard, and you’ll love it.”

Besides me, for anyone else that asked for her signature, she’d ask them some questions and write something for everyone. I was truly touched by her sincerity.

That was the treasure that I learned.

Apart from that, I got to see how artists mingle around. The energy was different. Everyone treat each other with a pure heart. Even though they are highly respected artists, they are humble, and strive to learn more. They shared and listened and observed. I can feel the security and the will to learn that they have created. This is how a loving society is made. I learned to be sincere and truthful to my friends, and everyone around me. And of course, that was also shown by the organizer itself, whose kindness was unable to be expressed.

Art is awesome. You’ll grow with it.

Thai-American Exchange Program

Thai-American Exchange Program

Mdm Velda Ishizaki and I

Mdm Velda Ishizaki and I

27 Feb 2014

5.26 am


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