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Seeking for Answers

Art gives me a lot of questions. I’m not really the kind of person who is attached to emotion and ideas, so it’s sometimes hard for me to do art. I got to force myself to be emotional, or to think of an idea that is worth conveying through art. At that moment, I really hate art.

People do art because they want to express things that cannot be explained in words. But ponder deeper, can things that cannot be explained in words be conveyed in visuals? I don’t think they work this way. That’s just a personal preference of the way to expressing oneself. Things are just the way they are. No other way to tell other than knowing it by oneself.

And I sometimes find ideas and views and thoughts are useless. They are just ways to show that you know something. That you are great. Expressing the view to the world doesn’t necessary means to change the world. The world still remains the same way as it is. Though struggle. I now (maybe temporary) come to accept that views are okay. They are just views anyway. No harm expressing it. At least you’ll be a better person, and this, can make the world a better place.

Now, the problem is to get myself into doing art, and to face my life, realistically. Got to hand in assignments a couple of hours later, but still not knowing how to deal with some contradicting thoughts left. Still feel tired of expressing myself, especially in a way that I don’t really want to.

Art may not be the ultimate way to the truth, but it is part of the journey.

Be patient with myself, do it anyway. Answers will come while you’re doing it. All the best. Good luck.


27 Feb 2014



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