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Internship in SpencerAzizul

6 Sept was my last day in SpencerAzizul. 10 weeks was over just like that! I would say that I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve widen my view, know what I want in life and how to get it. Most importantly I get to realized that I can still be myself, always a little girl with a a simple heart, who can be a confident young lady in dealing the complex world out there.

My boss, Mr Spencer is a funny old man with lots of crazy ideas. He get me to do all kinds of fun stuff. My very first assignment wast to create a blog for myself. That was how this blog comes about. Knowing that I want to be a painter, Mr Spencer took me to an art auction during the first weekend! I was thrilled by the price of the artworks. It was really an eye opener for me! I also get to know his good friend, who is a famous artist by the name of Ismail Latiff. Then I got the pleasure to get a photography lesson by Mr Lim, a professional photographer. Besides that, I was lucky that I get the chance to meet Zulkifli Yusoff when our company was doing a project with Galeri PETRONAS. Knowing all these people let me exposed me to opportunities of career in arts and how different persons value arts.

In the agency itself, I learned to do book layouts, write e-books, create websites, taking photos, do some editing and finishing jobs, and even create a character! My colleagues were very kind to explain and teach me. SpencerAzizul is a family-like agency. We often hang out to have meals and chit-chat. SpencerAzizul is indeed a very caring agency, with lots of projects and fun!

My sincere thanks to everyone in the agency, in giving me an opportunity to learn and guiding me to the road of success. Those who have yet to do internship, do come to SpencerAzizul to experience it yourself!


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