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I Have a Dream

I like drawing since I was small. “Mildly gifted” as my mum says, I did my art quite well in school. Later on as I grow up, I can’t recall the intention of why I’m drawing. I mean what makes me feel like drawing?  I now draw basically because of assignment. And slowly, I lost myself in questions such as “Why am I living in this world?”, “What’s the meaning of life?”, “Has arts got anything to do to living a meaningful life? It seems to be merely living in an imaginative world, hallucinating all the while!”

But a month of being an intern in KL has widen and changed my view. Going to art auction, visiting art gallery, meeting artists, and having dinner with talented, professional who are generous and kind-hearted, I get to see the world in a different perspective. Although sometimes it gave me more questions that make me even lost, but I’m trying to figure it out one by one.

I’m taught to think that being an artist cannot make a living.  However, the visit to the art auction has begun to change my mind. “One day, I’ll be able to sell my painting at that price” I said to myself. But the next question is that I do not have the time to paint as I’ve other commitment. After reading blogs of artists, I’ve decided to live the way I like. I would spend most of my time painting after graduation, and be brave enough to travel all around the world. I’ll explore my life to the fullest. Forget about what people want me to do. Forget about working for money. Forget about getting a boyfriend or a family. I shall live MY WAY. Everything will come to me naturally and beautifully once I’ve found out who I really am.

Now, I have the courage to say “I have a dream. To live the way I like”.




Blogs that inspire me to write my first post:





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