Outsider Art?

This is really touching. Sometimes I think art students are complicated. They don’t know what they want, and at the same time, struggling to do what the lecturers want. We talk very much about the aesthetic value, the message, the personality and strive to make ourselves stand out from the others. Sometimes we just fake it out. Just look at what the outsiders are doing. It’s so simple, down to the core of making art. They are the one in the very center of art.

Trip to Thaksin University, Thailand

I have a problem with arts at that moment. Arts makes me think a lot. And I have a problem with that. Thinking, thinking, thinking. “You’ve to have an idea”, “You’ve to be able to express yourself”, “Art must have aesthetic values”, “Art must have meaning”, etc. etc. I was bombarded with all those ideas of arts, and I was totally disagreed with it.

Last week, I had the chance to attend an Art Exchange between Thai artists and American artists in Thaksin University, Thailand. During the workshop when the artists made their small piece of work, I was attracted to one of the lady’s work. It was somehow “me”. I can see parts of me in the work. I stepped closer, told her that I was struggling with painting, and I couldn’t make a nice painting, and I asked for her advice. What Madam Velda Ishizaki told me was overwhelming. “Arts don’t need to be nice.” I was so touched and she gave me a hug.

She also shared with me about her perception towards arts, and showed me how to paint. Those precious advices gave me the courage to move on. When I asked for her signature, she asked for my name and wrote “Chee Hoong, You’ll like abstract art. Work hard, and you’ll love it.”

Besides me, for anyone else that asked for her signature, she’d ask them some questions and write something for everyone. I was truly touched by her sincerity.

That was the treasure that I learned.

Apart from that, I got to see how artists mingle around. The energy was different. Everyone treat each other with a pure heart. Even though they are highly respected artists, they are humble, and strive to learn more. They shared and listened and observed. I can feel the security and the will to learn that they have created. This is how a loving society is made. I learned to be sincere and truthful to my friends, and everyone around me. And of course, that was also shown by the organizer itself, whose kindness was unable to be expressed.

Art is awesome. You’ll grow with it.

Thai-American Exchange Program

Thai-American Exchange Program

Mdm Velda Ishizaki and I

Mdm Velda Ishizaki and I

27 Feb 2014

5.26 am

Seeking for Answers

Art gives me a lot of questions. I’m not really the kind of person who is attached to emotion and ideas, so it’s sometimes hard for me to do art. I got to force myself to be emotional, or to think of an idea that is worth conveying through art. At that moment, I really hate art.

People do art because they want to express things that cannot be explained in words. But ponder deeper, can things that cannot be explained in words be conveyed in visuals? I don’t think they work this way. That’s just a personal preference of the way to expressing oneself. Things are just the way they are. No other way to tell other than knowing it by oneself.

And I sometimes find ideas and views and thoughts are useless. They are just ways to show that you know something. That you are great. Expressing the view to the world doesn’t necessary means to change the world. The world still remains the same way as it is. Though struggle. I now (maybe temporary) come to accept that views are okay. They are just views anyway. No harm expressing it. At least you’ll be a better person, and this, can make the world a better place.

Now, the problem is to get myself into doing art, and to face my life, realistically. Got to hand in assignments a couple of hours later, but still not knowing how to deal with some contradicting thoughts left. Still feel tired of expressing myself, especially in a way that I don’t really want to.

Art may not be the ultimate way to the truth, but it is part of the journey.

Be patient with myself, do it anyway. Answers will come while you’re doing it. All the best. Good luck.


27 Feb 2014


“I am somebody”

Talked to my lecturer, En Shahrul. Get another inspiration..

Look at the surrounding. Look at its nature. Look sincerely with your heart. Then you’ll get the “Aha~” That’s the kind of experience when you understand some connections. Then the connections that you understand connect with you.

Look around. See more, get to know more about anything. Anything that calls for your attention. When you understand, the question of its need of being there is answered, and you’ll be able to appreciate its presence.

“How can you be inspired to do something?” I asked En Shahrul.

“Because I am somebody. I have to make my way to be one,” he replied.

What a simple answer. Yes, I’ve to PAINT my way.

He added, “You play your game, choose the thing that will give excitement to you to play with.”

Yup, don’t follow others. Scientists engross themselves in scientific research, businessmen fascinate about investment, and artists indulge in creating artwork. I choose to paint.

Recalled what Neil Gaiman says “I tended to do anything as long as it felt like an adventure, and to stop when it felt like work, which meant that life did not feel like work.”


Painting is an adventure. I’ll paint my way to become somebody.

Internship in SpencerAzizul

6 Sept was my last day in SpencerAzizul. 10 weeks was over just like that! I would say that I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve widen my view, know what I want in life and how to get it. Most importantly I get to realized that I can still be myself, always a little girl with a a simple heart, who can be a confident young lady in dealing the complex world out there.

My boss, Mr Spencer is a funny old man with lots of crazy ideas. He get me to do all kinds of fun stuff. My very first assignment wast to create a blog for myself. That was how this blog comes about. Knowing that I want to be a painter, Mr Spencer took me to an art auction during the first weekend! I was thrilled by the price of the artworks. It was really an eye opener for me! I also get to know his good friend, who is a famous artist by the name of Ismail Latiff. Then I got the pleasure to get a photography lesson by Mr Lim, a professional photographer. Besides that, I was lucky that I get the chance to meet Zulkifli Yusoff when our company was doing a project with Galeri PETRONAS. Knowing all these people let me exposed me to opportunities of career in arts and how different persons value arts.

In the agency itself, I learned to do book layouts, write e-books, create websites, taking photos, do some editing and finishing jobs, and even create a character! My colleagues were very kind to explain and teach me. SpencerAzizul is a family-like agency. We often hang out to have meals and chit-chat. SpencerAzizul is indeed a very caring agency, with lots of projects and fun!

My sincere thanks to everyone in the agency, in giving me an opportunity to learn and guiding me to the road of success. Those who have yet to do internship, do come to SpencerAzizul to experience it yourself!

I met Mr Lim, the crazy funny photographer!

What a great day! Mr Spencer took me to Mr Lim, a professional photographer. He takes super nice photos and has many cameras which cost more than RM60,000 exclude those super duper high tech cameras and lighting equipment. I’m not a technology person, but today, I’ve made up my mind to buy a camera.

At first I thought Mr Lim was a little bit cool when he was fixing Mr Spencer’s camera attentively. Only when he take funny pictures of me do I get the know that he’s a crazy funny guy! What an honour for me to get photos taken by him! Thank you so much Mr Lim for your time!!

My first time to get photos edited like this!!! Love it!!

My first time to get photos edited like this!!! Love it!!

Mr Lim and I

Look at how funny he is!

Funny old man by the name of Spencer Wing.  My guai yan..

Funny old man by the name of Spencer Wing.
My guai yan..


Indescribable thanks to Mr Spencer! Thanks to Poh Ling to for gave the whole afternoon for me..

During lunch time, Mr Kient told me about those ” cultured thinking” stuff again. It is very hard for me to accept as I am rather a kampung girl with a simple thinking and lifestyle. After all, after seeing another artistic crazy guy, I found that I should bring out more of the crazy side of me. I have to go out to see the world, to understand the people but still keeping a simple heart for myself. I must be brave to be who I am.

One and a half month being an intern in SpencerAzizul and get to know Mr Spencer really change my mind a lot!! Thanks to everyone!